TLD baggage tractors

TLD baggage tractor


TLD baggage tractors are produced with diesel engine (JST series) or with electic drive motor (JET 16 series).
Reliable and robust, they can do a fantastis job at any airport.

TLD JET-16 electric baggage tractor is becoming the new standard in zero emission solutions suiting a wide range of applications, from airport baggage handling to industrial uses. JET-16 offers a drawbar pull ranging from 1600 daN to 2000 daN . Its AC technology allows progressive acceleration, high speed over long distances and overall excellent towing performances. JET-16 is made of a heavy-duty single-piece chassis to withstand severe operating conditions. Spacious & ergonomic driver’s station, excellent manoeuvrability and efficient suspension bring comfort, safety and ease of use to operators. With its simple design and increased reliability, JET-16 is the best solution to reduce operating costs.

The JST Series towing tractors, available with a maximum draw bar pull ranging from 2,000 daN  up to 2,800 daN, are designed to tow baggage carts, towable GSE and cargo trailers. JST tractors may be used for exceptional push back operation on small size aircraft, under certain conditions. Please contact manufacturer for details. This unit features a heavy duty frame made of arc-welded steel plate with rear heavy cast iron body to achieve long operating life.
The tractor is available with multiple engine packages to meet various environmental conditions.
The JST is ergonomically designed to provide maximum driving comfort and excellent all-round visibility.

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