ASTRA 2445


The towable stairs PST 2445 are designed for passenger embarking/disembarking of aircraft with door sills located at heights form 2.40 m to 4.5 m above the ground level.

Platform size: 1900х1200 mm;

Max load capacity: 1550 kg;

Side handrails height: 1000 mm;

Platform handrails height: 1100 mm;


 Equipped with:

• hydraulic system for height regulation;

• LED steps lights with inbuilt battery;

• stabilizers;

• slidable platform handrails

The raising of the stairs is achieved by a hydraulic cylinder with an  independent hydraulic system, powered by a hand pump. The uplift can be  adjusted within the aforementioned height range.

The staircase is assembled on a towable steel closed profile chassis.

The stairs are locked at the desired height level by a safety mechanism.  The forward movable part of the upper platform is equipped with a rubber  bumper to secure a tight contact of the stairs with the airplane and to  protect the aircraft´s fuselage from being mechanically damaged. The sides of the upper platform are bordered by an adjustable railing that is also equipped with rubber on its front parts.

The front steering axle is rotatable on rotating circle and enables excellent maneuverability.

Manually operated stabilizers secure the stability of the whole stair when it is in the  operational position.

The steps and the upper platform are covered with aluminum antiskid sheet. 

PST 2445